I'm Katy, and I'm a 

startup  consultant.


* including tech companies, small businesses, solopreneurs, non-profits, movements, and more

I'm Katy.

I'm a smart, scrappy Harvard grad with more than eight years of experience collaborating with early-stage teams. I leverage my expertise in the varied fields of tech, startups, venture capital, politics, and non-profits as a valuable member of growing teams, usually as a marketer, researcher, data analyst, or project manager (and often as a mix of all four). 

My clients are hustling to get something done.

They’re tech companies vying for a spot in the next YC cohort. They’re small businesses fighting to stake out a client base. They’re nonprofits and advocacy movements throwing passion behind a cause. But no matter their industry or ambitions, they're looking to grow, and they need an all-purpose strategist and executor to help them do it.  

My services (there are a lot of them)

I'm a generalist and proud of it. I know from experience that most startupsdon't have the time or money to work with people that can only do one thing, so I offer a full suite of key services that are integral for growth. I begin working in one or two of these disciplines for many of my clients, but often expand to all four (and beyond!) as needs evolve.


I’m a full-stack marketer helping startups* develop a lasting brand presence and execute marketing campaigns that achieve their goals. I work with clients on their high-level brand and marketing strategy, and dive into the weeds on channel-by-channel execution. Together we'll write, design, post, and send to achieve results. 

data analysis

I'm a spreadsheet wizard skilled at collecting and presenting varied sources of quantitative data for maximum decision-making power. Marketing data, sales data, HR data, you name it: I work with clients to organize their most important numbers into clear and beautiful sheets, charts, and graphs. 

user research

I’m a qualitative researcher with an academically-rigorous sociology background, and I firmly believe that taking the time to deeply understand users is what separates strong startups* from weak ones. My clients embrace research as a core tenet of their strategy, so I design and conduct studies that uncover actionable insights.

project management

I'm meticulously organized with a keen eye for short-term tasks and long-term goals. While project management is woven into all of my work, I also join client teams as an explicit project manager taking stock of resources, constraints, and timelines and pushing projects to completion.

kind words

"Katy is a total rock star! She is one of the most organized, efficient, creative, solution-oriented, hardworking and reliable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I feel lucky to have met her and fortunate to have her as a member of our extended team."

— Whitney Shashou, Founder of Admit NY

clients include:

startups: tech companies, small businesses, solopreneurs,

non-profits, movements, and more

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