Katy Dolan
Hey, I'm Katy. I'm a deep generalist and startup pro with almost a decade of experience scaling companies and organizations. I have significant expertise in the wide range of disciplines necessary to grow a startup: product, marketing, sales, operations, people, finance, and all of the intersections therein. I do it all, and do it well, with a people-first mindset and a sense of humor.

I'm currently the COO of Impactive, a political SaaS startup and the leading digital organizing platform for progressives.

Before that, I was a startup consultant serving clients in a wide range of industries: politics, parenting, admissions, fitness, and more. I still take on the occasional consulting engagement; feel free to reach out.

I graduated cum laude from Harvard (academic focus: gender in sports and at work), and I'm a proud Washingtonian. I love sports and film. I'm also committed to a variety of nonprofit projects, namely as the Chair of the National Youth Leadership Council's Board of Directors.