user research

It's easy to charge into the world with an amazing idea - but it's absolutely vital to take the time to understand how your product, service, etc. truly impacts those you intend to reach. Are you adequately meeting their needs with a compassionate solution? 

I'm an in-depth interview expert driven by creating brands that are truly empathetic to the end-user. Let's work together to conduct interview-based user research, user testing, and more and uncover key strategic insights that will create a loyal tribe of superfans. 

how to use research

Many startup* leaders are unfamiliar with qualitative research and how it can benefit their growth. While every research project is customized for your particular needs, they often fit into one of three categories. Get inspired by these examples:


Interview or focus group current or past employees to gain insight on culture and understand areas of improvement



Invite interview feedback from a manager’s direct reports to build a 360° evaluation, make promotion decisions, or power targeted leadership trainings


Conduct user research on your product by interviewing or focus grouping members of the target market


Perform user testing to collect feedback on an MVP, beta, or your current product or service

sales and marketing

Improve your sales performance by conducting immediate debrief interviews with prospects


Test marketing campaigns with interview or focus group feedback from members of the target market

Are you looking to understand

your users’ needs?

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kind words

"Katy is a total rock star! She is one of the most organized, efficient, creative, solution-oriented, hardworking and reliable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I feel lucky to have met her and fortunate to have her as a member of our extended team."

— Whitney Shashou, Founder of Admit NY